Team Building Tips – Turning Your Sorority Or Fraternity Into a Team

8 Sep

One of the things that most people love about being a part of a sorority or fraternity is being part of a group. There’s just something about people that draws them to groups of like-minded people. In high school, you had different cliques, and now you have fraternities and sororities. But any group of people is simply a group of people at first. Unless you do something to take a group and make it into a team, it won’t matter if they’re all a part of a group with the same name. Turning a sorority or fraternity into an actual team can take a little bit of effort because it’s not like you’re an athletic team out there competing against other teams, which is an instant way to turn a random group into a functioning unit. There are, though, a few things that you can do to make your sorority or fraternity function like this. First, though, you have to understand a little thing called the group process.

If you’ve had basic sociology, you may already know a little about this. It goes like this:

Step One: Forming – During this phase, the group is just coming together. This is what happens after school starts or after Rush Week when you bring a whole new set of people into your group.

Step Two: Storming – At this point, everyone is pretty much trying to figure out their roles. There might be some backbiting and bickering because people with strong personalities are going to want to gain the upper hand.

Step Three: Norming –  Once the group is done storming, they’ll start functioning together by creating normal patterns. Some people will naturally become the leaders – or they’ll become the leaders by a group vote – and other people will start following them.

Step Four: Performing – This is the part where everything clicks. Your group has fun together, and they get things done, whether it’s throwing the best block party or raising the most money for your favorite charity.

It takes most groups a while to go through all this, but there are a few things you can do to help the process along. First, don’t fight it. The storming phase can be pretty annoying and difficult, but you have to get through it before you can form group norms. If you’re a group leader by default, try to get everyone to talk things through at this point. You can also help the process by giving the group teamwork-oriented things to do. If the new sophomores are having issues working together, assign them a project that they have to get done, whether it’s deciding how to decorate a room in the sorority house or throwing a barbecue party for the rest of the fraternity. Having to accomplish a goal is a great way to force a group to figure out how they’re going to work together. It’s really hard for a huge group of people to function together like this. One way to help your fraternity or sorority work like a team is to split it up into groups of five or six people who have specific goals to accomplish. Forming smaller teams is way easier than having one person be in charge of twenty people, and you’ll get a lot more done this way, too.

Author – Crystal Galbus  the owner of GreekForMe – 

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