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Pay it Forward – Go Hard for Mentoring Youth!

11 Jan

Go Hard Greek is sending the reminder that January is Mentoring Month. Below is a video of a  speech by President Obama challenging us to mentor the youth in our lives, in the community to make a positive impact on the future of our country!  Greek Letter organizations have  the ability to connect with community centers and schools to create ongoing mentoring programs!  Does your chapter have any mentoring programs in place – share the link with us – we would love to learn more!


Iota Phi Theta Teaches Healthy Moves !!

13 Dec

Community service is a central pilar of many greek letter organizations. Giving back to the local community whether it is college campus or local residents can be done in many fun and creative ways.   The members of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc  from Virginia State University  organized a teaching session with young people from the community.  The VSU Fraternity members enlightened  the children with  a fun way to engage in healthy activity – stepping!  The video below highlights the members of the Eta Chaper teaching the kids a few moves!  This session teaches the children a very valuable lesson – you can have fun and be healthy! 

What creative ways is your organization working to make the community a better place?  We would love to highlight it here on our blog!


Establishing Another Standard – Greek Life without Hazing

9 Dec
FAMU Drum Major Robert Champion

Praying for the Family, Friends & Classmates of Robert Champion

With the recent sad news of  the death of FAMU Band Drum Major Robert Champion  our minds are refocused on thoughts of  the many underground activities that occur on  and off  college campuses across our nation.   The death of this young man has not been attributed to hazing but many, many people  are asking questions with raised eyebrows…  why did this young man with such a bright future lose his life?   Was there hazing involved,  was the administration aware, were the band directors aware…… etc???   These are all questions the family, friends and local  law enforcement officers  are working to find answers to.

Recently we came across this great  interview by HBCU Digest with Dr Lori Patton-Davis  that takes a close look at hazing on the HBCU campuses. Because this is not an isolated activity of HBCU’s we all must look at why the distructive behavior continues to be accepted by young people looking to join sororities and frternities.   Too many times  we have lost bright young people to hazing activities that had no true purpose.

Greek Letter Organizations members,  panhellenic councils, college administrations, bands  and more need to take a stand against the belief  that abusive actions are acceptable as long as everyone survives.   Can we all work to Go Hard  for Greek unity and positive actions that build our communities?  This is the truly amazing  legacy that sororities  and fraternities can leave.  The HBCU Digest program below is a wonderful example of not only discussing the wrongs that are being perpetrated but also offers some very positive thoughts and examples for changing how the public views these organizations.   Positive, supportive community actions that uplift, teach and offer true leadership is what these groups should be striving for.  

Take a listen to “The Big Hazing Show”  below presented by HBCU Digest.   What is your organizations stance on hazing?  What is your college or university doing to stop the negative behavior?    What do you think can be done to turn this negative behavior around?


                                                                                                 Listen to internet radio with HBCU Digest on Blog Talk Radio

Sororities Co-Sponser Cancer Awareness Dinner

4 Dec

The members of Alpha Theta Omega Christian Sorority and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority combined  their community service efforts to host a Cancer Awareness Dinner in Kirksville, MO last month.  Caring for Cancer  offered local residents an opportunity  to reflect, share and learn more about colon, breast , lung and prostrate cancer. 

The collaborative efforts of these two sorority chapters is to be applauded. It is a wonderful example of the power of “Greek Unity” to  make a positive  impact on their local communities.   I encourage all Greek Letter organizations to work to find ways to collaborate with other organizations in their local community (university, city, state)  to make it a better place for the citizens.   GO HARD GREEK!!!

Sorority acts out book with one-person play

29 Nov
Lambda Theta Alpha Hoodie

Lambda Theta Alpha

“The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” jumped from the pages to the stage Monday night in a one-man show inspired by University alumnus Junot Diaz’s Pulitzer Prize winning book.

The Epsilon chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin sorority hosted the play during its founder’s week at the Rutgers Student Center on the College Avenue campus to showcase intellectual Latin culture, said Erica Diaz, a University alumna and LTA sister.


“Every year we try to put on a play that will touch the community, specifically the Latino community,” Erica Diaz said. “We try to bridge the gap between Rutgers, undergraduates, New Brunswick and what LTA pretty much does for the community as far as educating and serving.”

The play, which was co-sponsored by the Rutgers University Programming Association and the Center for Latino Arts and Culture, centers on Oscar de Leon, an overweight Dominican boy from Paterson, N.J., who is obsessed with science fiction, fantasy and a family curse.

Actor Elvis Nolasco played different characters in the show, from the nerdy Oscar de Leon to his superstitious mother. He said it was easy to transition into these characters because he finds people like them in his own family.

Paula Garcia, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, said she was impressed with Nolasco’s performance.

“I thought it was an amazing performance. I never read the book, [but] it was pretty amazing that it was a one-man show and he pulled [off] the characters very well,” she said.

The adapted play contained references to life at the University, with mentions of the EE bus and Douglass College, set against the sugar cane fields and black outs of Santo Domingo illustrated in the book.

“I felt connected to him. He does a good job grabbing your attention. The book mentions a lot of places on campus that the actor said he visited,” said Eliana Perez, a School of Arts and Sciences junior. “It’s also very relatable in a Dominican way.”

Erica Diaz was very pleased with the audience’s support of the play.

“When I walked in I was overwhelmed with happiness and excitement with seeing all of my friends and sisters. [It] shows that our chapter is still strong,” she said. “I am so happy we have so much support.”


 Sorority acts out book with one-person play – The Daily Targum: University:.

Chi Eta Phi Sorority is reminded “Wake Up with Purpose”!

19 Nov
Chi Eta Phi Hoodie

Chi Eta Phi

Chi Eta Phi  Sorority is a national organization comprised of  nurses and student nurses working together to provide service for humanity, elevate the plane of nursing and  increase interest in the nursing profession.  During an annual scholarship luncheon Dr Clarence M. Lee spoke to the nurses.  He encourged  them to wake up each day with purpose. This poweful suggestion is one we all should work to weave into our daily lives.  What techniques do you find helpful as you work to stay focused on your “daily purpose”?

Spotlight on Cross Cultural Greek Issues

11 Nov

Greek Letter Organizations on college campuses across the nation are very diverse. Every campus has its own unique collection of sororities, fraternities and panhellenic councils.  Each combination creates a unique community that faces many challenges as they interact with each other and their advisors on campus.  In this video Rick Daniels gives  an overview about the cultural issues and concerns many greeks face during interactions with their greek advisors.  

Spotlight Stage: Rick Daniels from CAMPUSPEAK, Inc. on Vimeo.

What are some of the challenges your organization is facing this semester/year?  What creative tactics are you using to connect with other organizations or advisors?

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