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Sigma Gamma Rho Makes Positive Strokes in Water Safety & Swimming ED

25 Jul

La Peyrecout - Swimming Pool with View (single chair)


 The national sorority Sigma Gamma Rho recently announced a community oriented partnership with  USA  Swimming  during their national Boule earlier this month.  This initiative has been established  with several goals in mind.  Both organizations would like to promote water safety education and encourage entry into the sport of swimming.  The sorority will use the established platform that USA Swimming has created on SwimToday.org .  This site will allow the sorority to  offer water safety education and learn to swim programs within their member curriculum and community service outreach starting fall of 2012.  With 500 chapters across the USA, Sigma Gamma Rho  will become a resource for getting the word out about the importance of learning to swim and water safety.   The sorority also plans to include water safety as a part of  their Rhoer Curriculum, youth symposium and Project Reassurance teachings.

This partnership is certain to add a positive community impact on the number of people throughout our nation that become active swimmers and understand the importance of water safety.  The sport of swimming is attractive to all age groups because participation  does not require high impact or expensive equipment. 

For more information about the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority please visit their national website : http://www.sgrho1922.org.

To learn more about the sport of swimming and water safety please join USA Swimming: http://www.usaswimming.org.


Iota Phi Theta Teaches Healthy Moves !!

13 Dec

Community service is a central pilar of many greek letter organizations. Giving back to the local community whether it is college campus or local residents can be done in many fun and creative ways.   The members of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc  from Virginia State University  organized a teaching session with young people from the community.  The VSU Fraternity members enlightened  the children with  a fun way to engage in healthy activity – stepping!  The video below highlights the members of the Eta Chaper teaching the kids a few moves!  This session teaches the children a very valuable lesson – you can have fun and be healthy! 

What creative ways is your organization working to make the community a better place?  We would love to highlight it here on our blog!


Establishing Another Standard – Greek Life without Hazing

9 Dec
FAMU Drum Major Robert Champion

Praying for the Family, Friends & Classmates of Robert Champion

With the recent sad news of  the death of FAMU Band Drum Major Robert Champion  our minds are refocused on thoughts of  the many underground activities that occur on  and off  college campuses across our nation.   The death of this young man has not been attributed to hazing but many, many people  are asking questions with raised eyebrows…  why did this young man with such a bright future lose his life?   Was there hazing involved,  was the administration aware, were the band directors aware…… etc???   These are all questions the family, friends and local  law enforcement officers  are working to find answers to.

Recently we came across this great  interview by HBCU Digest with Dr Lori Patton-Davis  that takes a close look at hazing on the HBCU campuses. Because this is not an isolated activity of HBCU’s we all must look at why the distructive behavior continues to be accepted by young people looking to join sororities and frternities.   Too many times  we have lost bright young people to hazing activities that had no true purpose.

Greek Letter Organizations members,  panhellenic councils, college administrations, bands  and more need to take a stand against the belief  that abusive actions are acceptable as long as everyone survives.   Can we all work to Go Hard  for Greek unity and positive actions that build our communities?  This is the truly amazing  legacy that sororities  and fraternities can leave.  The HBCU Digest program below is a wonderful example of not only discussing the wrongs that are being perpetrated but also offers some very positive thoughts and examples for changing how the public views these organizations.   Positive, supportive community actions that uplift, teach and offer true leadership is what these groups should be striving for.  

Take a listen to “The Big Hazing Show”  below presented by HBCU Digest.   What is your organizations stance on hazing?  What is your college or university doing to stop the negative behavior?    What do you think can be done to turn this negative behavior around?


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Chi Eta Phi Sorority is reminded “Wake Up with Purpose”!

19 Nov
Chi Eta Phi Hoodie

Chi Eta Phi

Chi Eta Phi  Sorority is a national organization comprised of  nurses and student nurses working together to provide service for humanity, elevate the plane of nursing and  increase interest in the nursing profession.  During an annual scholarship luncheon Dr Clarence M. Lee spoke to the nurses.  He encourged  them to wake up each day with purpose. This poweful suggestion is one we all should work to weave into our daily lives.  What techniques do you find helpful as you work to stay focused on your “daily purpose”?

Team Building Tips – Turning Your Sorority Or Fraternity Into a Team

8 Sep

One of the things that most people love about being a part of a sorority or fraternity is being part of a group. There’s just something about people that draws them to groups of like-minded people. In high school, you had different cliques, and now you have fraternities and sororities. But any group of people is simply a group of people at first. Unless you do something to take a group and make it into a team, it won’t matter if they’re all a part of a group with the same name. Turning a sorority or fraternity into an actual team can take a little bit of effort because it’s not like you’re an athletic team out there competing against other teams, which is an instant way to turn a random group into a functioning unit. There are, though, a few things that you can do to make your sorority or fraternity function like this. First, though, you have to understand a little thing called the group process.

If you’ve had basic sociology, you may already know a little about this. It goes like this:

Step One: Forming – During this phase, the group is just coming together. This is what happens after school starts or after Rush Week when you bring a whole new set of people into your group.

Step Two: Storming – At this point, everyone is pretty much trying to figure out their roles. There might be some backbiting and bickering because people with strong personalities are going to want to gain the upper hand.

Step Three: Norming –  Once the group is done storming, they’ll start functioning together by creating normal patterns. Some people will naturally become the leaders – or they’ll become the leaders by a group vote – and other people will start following them.

Step Four: Performing – This is the part where everything clicks. Your group has fun together, and they get things done, whether it’s throwing the best block party or raising the most money for your favorite charity.

It takes most groups a while to go through all this, but there are a few things you can do to help the process along. First, don’t fight it. The storming phase can be pretty annoying and difficult, but you have to get through it before you can form group norms. If you’re a group leader by default, try to get everyone to talk things through at this point. You can also help the process by giving the group teamwork-oriented things to do. If the new sophomores are having issues working together, assign them a project that they have to get done, whether it’s deciding how to decorate a room in the sorority house or throwing a barbecue party for the rest of the fraternity. Having to accomplish a goal is a great way to force a group to figure out how they’re going to work together. It’s really hard for a huge group of people to function together like this. One way to help your fraternity or sorority work like a team is to split it up into groups of five or six people who have specific goals to accomplish. Forming smaller teams is way easier than having one person be in charge of twenty people, and you’ll get a lot more done this way, too.

Author – Crystal Galbus  the owner of GreekForMe – 

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Crystal_Galbus

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